The Idea

An idea sparked at the Oregon dunes (but fueled at the local pub), Rollover Racing is an e-commerce business established by off-road enthusiasts to promote bad ass content and provide a virtual rally place for those who share common interests and love to ride. From the dunes, to the mountains, to the snow, our platform highlights the best of off-road adventures, no matter your choice vehicle…yes even snowmobiles count! Our business philosophy is simple…

#1 Be a good person!

#2 Give the people what they want. Provide quality products that you can be proud to rep.

#3 Work hard, play hard…in that order.


Our very short HISTORY

May 2017 - Still just a cool idea

June 2017 - We take the plunge and officially become Rollover Racing. Establish social media and build followers.

July 2017 - Time is money. Promote content! Finalize merchandise, financials, and more paperwork.

August 2017 - goes live ready to distribute shirts, hats, and stickers!

April 2018- The Patriot apparel line is released.

June 2018- We attend our first major event as vendors and sponsors at UTV Takeover 2018. 

Kamie pic 3.jpg

Business And Stuff — Kamie Blevins handles the real work…the paperwork, website, and merchandise 





The Media Guy — Tyler Smith makes the content and manages social media